Moving notice
Implication of moving small industry opportunities   

City moving industry, compared to their size and number, and other industries are different, but is this not so "humble" but many in the industry saw its huge development space.   

Statistics Department data showed, with Nanjing as example only each year by moving pulling economic growth accounted for 10% of the entire gross domestic product of the city, reached nearly 30 billion yuan.   

&Nbsp;  Shanghai moving company Porter said last summer, starting from June, busy, moving hundreds of Yuan at a time. Moving industry for more than 10 years of a boss in Shanghai, told reporters that the past few years he has reached a million in personal income.   

It is understood that by 2010 the city will complete 30 shantytown demolition and renovation, demolition of 1.299 million sq m of housing area, this reform will move also brings new opportunity for the development of the industry.   

Slow development of competition organized   

Due to moving industry in our city market complex, only one telephone company one, received a phone call on the provisional finding the car, to the labour market-employment and disputes after it hard for consumers ' rights.   

In addition, a moving company of the lower threshold, apply as long as the transport capacity can be established moving company, but the real industry as a business to move, and only a very few. Relevant analysts believe that overall lack of regulation, is likely to result in full price on the city, which will also contribute to malignant competition among moving companies are bound to make orderly move slow development of the industry. The moving industry is effective oversight and management is already an unavoidable problem, regulates the moving industry needs and reorganization.   

Moving industry needs perfection in three dimensions   

In a fast-changing city pattern, the moving industry how to make this cake, how to further regulate services in order to meet the needs of urban development and public needs, the following three recommendations from the industry.   

First, the authorities should come forward to regulating sector order and building industry association as soon as possible. As an organization, industry associations can play a very important role, can effectively prevent vicious competition have adverse impact on the industry as a whole.   

Second, competition for the competition. Identify peers are promoting each other's development partners in the market competition, promoted mutual help, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.   

Meanwhile, reputation, service, the tree brand. Should set up everything for the sake of customers, customer satisfaction. Great care to clients, using reasonable technique in handling and transportation to ensure customer safety.