Moving notice
Moving House is in the middle of Miao people in Xiangyun, Yunnan cha shao Xiang lang an ancestral custom. Regardless of who is moving, the villagers came to help out congratulations. They want to move things in the middle of the yard in a heap, then blow blow lusheng, suona, playing samisen, everyone around the furniture and dance, singing and dancing stopped, the owner is busy drank a toast to the guests. Time after we moved the furniture in the new House, once again jubilant dance circles. Circle dancing is very careful, a circle in the middle is a child, a symbol of the hope and future of the Miao nationality; the second lap is a girl, a symbol of beautiful flowers; the third is a young man, symbolizing the Hmong's thriving strong fourth to fifth circles are elderly, said children of the Miao people in the older generation training, education thrives. Hmong people move no matter how much, to be busy throughout the day.