Scope of business

Piano moving and transportation

handling tips, expert advice:
1> handling to check for sturdy boxes to prevent Cabinet piano damage caused by loose, during transportation to prevent rattling and bumpy;
2> when handling it is best not to remove the piano part, if special reasons such as space constraints must be experienced professionals;
3> be careful when pushing the piano, avoiding excessive force and caused the piano round of broken or damaged parts;
4> piano is generally 200 to 240 kg in weight, horizontal piano at 290 to 490 kg, box pattern according to the instructions in the handling process work;
5> climate is too dry, place the basin in the piano room, through the evaporation of water to maintain appropriate humidity
6> the ground push Chin forward when it encounters a rough ground, avoid excessive force causing body tilting, harp rounds of broken or damaged parts;
7> not open display or open on a rainy day at the piano handling.