Movers move customers gold jewelry

Granny Sun May 1, feidong County, moved, and hidden in two boxes of gold jewellery are mysterious disappearances in the bed. After receiving the report, feidong County, Longgang police rushed to the scene, quickly moving company workers suspected of stealing gold jewelry Zhao pulled out, and gold jewelry found lost in a pile of briquettes.  

May 1 at 6 o'clock in the morning, feidong County Public Security Bureau of Longgang police station after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene immediately. According to the Sun, she said, she had recently bought a new house in Longgang zone, when a moving company to move. 5:30, the moving company in accordance with the agreement to give Boyle moved Sun. As the Sun she sleep with his wife in a large bed is not ready to move to new homes, Granny Sun would be gold necklaces, earrings, jewelry boxes, and hidden in the back of the bed. Unexpectedly, the aunt's husband decided to Sun King also moved into the new House, quick hands and feet moving company workers, will soon need to move things and aunt couple sleeping sun bed onto the truck. Ma when the Sun found that the beds are moved, scurried up the trucks turned back at the big bed, find two jewelry box, gold jewelry box has gone missing, Granny Sun to report a case.

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