Internet originator should help humanity move

DARPA is the United States Department of defense under the top research institution, was founded in 1958. This "leading the future of science and technology" as the goal of the Organization plays a much greater role for human development? the answer is on your side--from the Internet to semiconductors to GPS, initially from the hand of it.  

But this time, DARPA plans a more extensive--from the organizational and technical aspects, to find a solution, and let humans in a century later migrate to other planets. August 17, the New York Times reports that DARPA will be formally announced on November 11 this year the "hundred years Starship plan", which will hold a public seminar, listen to opinions from all sides, including the rocket-powered design, immigrant alien legal issues and immigration in the economic disadvantages that may arise.  

The New York Times reported that, over the years, many scientists believe that there are other intelligent life outside Earth. Now, if this "moving space" success, "intelligent life on other planets" perhaps is the man himself. In the eyes of scientists, "move" has too many reasons: the Earth's population expanding did not know when the solar system on an asteroid will hit the Earth, and even sea water is wiped clean, so that human beings cannot survive.  

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DARPA provides those who are able to come up with feasible people or organizations with $ 500,000 in seed money, and the money, besides being used to make a decent "Star Destroyer", but also to build a medium sized lab, to be used in subsequent studies. Do not think that DARPA is stingy in the next century, the Agency will spend trillions of dollars to promote the project.  

"Hundred years Starship plan" can be seen as the 70 's of the last century United Kingdom "Daedalus project" extension. United Kingdom Star Trek Association in 1973 to 1978 proposed this project, consider using unmanned space craft sent to another star system.  

In fact, even the DARPA is not ready, the future "Star Destroyer" where would take the human fly. Over the next few years, scientists will study this issue globally, and they make an important basis for judging is United States NASA's Kepler satellite shot into space earlier pictures.  

For now, the difficulty of interstellar travel beyond imagination. If you want to fly to Alpha Centauri stars similar to the Sun, humans take the fastest aircraft – at more than 60,000 km of "traveler 1th" nobody outer solar space probe to fly for at least 70,000 years. However, for the future of mankind's great "move program", DARPA Director daiwei·nilande full of confidence: "If you in 1910 to ask Einstein or Marconi, how can I let ordinary people enjoy the convenience of global communication, they will not think of Apple phones. "