Move heaps of debris caused the building fire

Last night 10:30, yongshun town, Tongzhou Park District on the West, 10th floor of building 5 building fire fire fire door leading to the stairwell, roasted red hinder escape. Firefighters rescued three people trapped on the floor, but fortunately caused no casualties.  

After the fire the entire corridor was filled with thick smoke, some of whom covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel and ran downstairs. Squadrons of firefighters arrived, Xinhua Street four-story stairwell platform, see flames leap up out of the straight, by propaganda that 5 floors as well as three people were trapped. Firefighters split road, a set of used water cannon to provide life-saving crossings, trapped three people rescued, and grab a leaking gas tank, another group evacuation of 5 per cent of the population, will be upstairs sleeping 10 people evacuated to safety.  

After an investigation found that Mr Yang bought a new house ready to move some discarded items to clean up in the corridor, but fire broke out in the waste. At present, the cause of the fire is under further investigation.