Life's "firsts" removal

Move as routine, but this time I really moving, because I have really belongs to his own house in Shenzhen.  

Early this morning, appointments for busy moving company workers in Shenzhen to move anything out of the House one by one get on, 

There are bargain buys in the supermarket's cheap computer desk; 

The first time I got paid and reward yourself 21-inch TV; 

Working at an upscale furniture shop when he accidentally scratched and bought the total monthly wage bedside table; 

Two years ago the company Rite HIFI; 

Towards the end of that I have to buy Apple computer.  


From had nothing to present some accomplishments, these things work all confirm my bitterness.  

Suddenly there was a strong reluctance.  

Comes to new home movers and get busy, moved to old and new furniture pieces.  

I saw an even more distant future, not to cry.  

I know, these are happy tears.