Long distance long distance moving industry standard should be standardized

In recent years, housing and working conditions associated with the rapid development of the economy showing a gratifying trend, which brings moving companies business is hot. Especially the traditional long distance moving force – phasing out of small capacity type of container, with gross weight of more than 20 tons of goods not suitable for home use. So a large number of retirees, the complex military, business people, transferred the civil service special groups such as long-distance long distance move has become the new economic growth point. So, whether moving companies be able to seize the new opportunities for development?

On teacher recently retired in 2003 annoyances. Beijing nationality teacher teaches in a middle school in Xining until retirement. Earlier this year the couple plans to move back to Beijing and his daughter living in the same city. Recently busy with moving teachers found that long distance move is even more difficult. "We have contacted more than 10 moving company, but no one made us feel satisfied. "Teachers grumble.

On November 11, the reporter to move from Xining to Beijing visited Xining nearly ten in a row on the moving company. It is understood that railway runs from Xining to Beijing 2,092-kilometer, which lasted 24 hours and 46 minutes. But only charges a moving company is not standard, and as many as 5, 6 "version". For example, some companies perform each km 6 Yuan, including tolls, fuel costs; some companies hire 300 yuan a day, from 10 days total. In addition, the round-trip tolls on the way, fuel costs, operations, staff meals, accommodation and other incidental expenses separate calculations; some companies buy it now price of 10,000 yuan, no extra fees, some companies offer 12000 Yuan, but the toll still needs to take care of themselves ... ... All in all, in the absence of a unified scale, wide variety of fees was confused.

2,092-kilometer walk, move from 6500 to 13000 Yuan, this eye-popping. Charges not only high standards are not unified, cargo compartments are not the same size. Same 9000 Yuan offer, various companies is 3 ton cargo van, and some companies just 2 tons of cargo compartments.

Accident insurance the question of public interest, many moving companies in the contract are not clear. Insurance of all kinds of vehicles and operating personnel are on their own, but for customer's own cargo security issues were ambiguous. Current industry practice is a closed cargo compartment in front of customers locked key is kept by the customer, open car arrival. Only a few companies have specific insured procedures in the contract, but insurance costs are up to 3% of the declared price.

Currently moving company in Xining's business is largely concentrated in the urban areas. Implementation of fee standard is "common". Per car charge mode is generally "+ starting at the floor", which starts at fee ranges from 130 to 140 Yuan, beginning end floors and floors added later by a 10-Yuan fees, more than 10 km per km in the urban areas 5 charges. Therefore, each moving company if it is to remain invincible in the industry, only in terms of service attitude, efficiency, advertising and other great efforts.

Moving company staff, who asked not to be named said charges are exorbitant, standards are not unified, the accident compensation responsibilities is not clear, long distance moving experience lacking, long distance moving, Xining and other reasons become standardization and resolving problems. Mr Zhao with years of industry experience are aware of urban competition in the moving industry has heated up, he said, from a long-term point of view, long-distance long distance move is going to be war to compete "cake". But the industry there are many poorly educated workers was high, weak on strategy development.