Moving industry step up relocation service level

  Moving company will be new ways of service Services Expo to enhance moving services, and trying it out in front of the Expo "turn-key" projects of international standardization. This is from today's "move industry Expo 600 days of mobilization" on access to information. Moving companies vehicle upgrade   service levels stop. today, the moving industry in this city more than 2,200 employees wear a uniform work clothes, change corporate individual looks, neat and clean, the image is changed, this is the first implementation of uniform. "This identification is more obvious, wearing a Jersey, approached the mass, more energy. "Moving company of Master Chen is pleased to refer to the above the breast pocket" mass moving "red letters is pleased to say.
It is understood that the moving industry in accordance with the municipal traffic Bureau "World Expo operation plan 600" specific objectives, the industry has achieved "uniform uniforms, uniform operation sign, Unified telephony, unified benchmark price, service", in industry as a whole has been improved and make it easy for the public to distinguish fake trackbacks "Li GUI" and black moving companies.