Moving sectors needed special insurance

So far, there is no special insurance set for the move. Just move that comes with many risks on the insurance, and insurance, such as a lot of companies will move into the property insurance and transport risks, in fact these types cannot meet the requirement of moving companies.    

&Nbsp;   for a moving company, they desperately need this kind of insurance, cargo insurance to each relocation, but no evaluation is required for each of the goods, but there will be a dedicated claim line, moving companies can pay a premium for each vehicle in the relocation, will have a certain degree of protection in case of accidents.    

&Nbsp;   moving company's Managing Director, said: the County, there is no special insurance, in accordance with the market rules, the customer needs is what the product is, China's insurance companies have not developed to a customized according to clients ' needs, the realm of insurance, but with the development of competition, the insurance company will provide insurance, this is an irreversible trend.    

&Nbsp;   is currently moving companies and moving the customer's risk in transport is still in a State of vague, once the moving company exemption occurs it requires a customer to take a loss.

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